Internal Discovery

What does it mean “to find one’s self”?

To discover who you really are. 

Introspective soul searching, looking into yourself to extract some mysterious thing. A motive, a conviction. Something to which more time and energy can be devoted. 

Looking for a purpose. A reason why you exist in this world. A glimpse into what happens next. An explanation for the chaos that has become your cage. Engulfing every moment of your consciousness, sucking every drop of blood from your veins. 

The light is darkness. 

It is peace you search for but turmoil you find. 

Reaching out for help but it is only air slipping through your fingers. 

How do you rebuild? How does REcreation occur? A new beginning, a Genesis. 

Repurpose the passion boiling beneath your skin. Take something horrible; your deepest, darkest fear, and make it beautiful. Learn from your experience, fly higher until you find the silver lining. 

No one can do this for you. You must choose to lift your heart and extend the power inside yourself. There is no one more trustworthy than yourself, no friend who knows you better. Only you can overcome your greatest downfall, only you can conquer your foe. 

It will be difficult. Perhaps the most difficult thing you will ever do. There will be days when you feel it is impossible to go on, impossible to push through. In these moments of complete black darkness, look up. Because only the God who imagined your existence from the beginning of time can help you. Find it in yourself to believe in something. Stop pushing it away for once and embrace the unknown wholeheartedly. 

Wether it is peace, love or joy you seek, you will find it in abundance. There is a fountain above the atmosphere overflowing with the good things in life, if only we have the faith to reach up and accept the downpour. 

In the midst of the rain, lightening will strike; because this is the way nature works. But if you keep looking up, the drops that are to follow will quench the electric shock and prepare your soul for new growth, a rebirth. A sprout from which a strong tree will grow, if you let it. Allow yourself to be tested and tried. Instead of complaining, embrace the mystery. 

Walk through the darkness. For it is when we cannot see the way when we allow our hearts to lead. Fill the world with the love that you have to give, soon you will discover your true self. The queen you were created to be.  


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