Exhibit A

In the midst of my loving Jesus, there are moments when things get cloudy. Times when the devil is working hard, striving to hurt me. Satan brings sadness into my soul, he shows me things that I have put in my past, only to get me down. He attacks in the midst of a spiritual … More Exhibit A

One Four

Two Thousand and Thirteen. The best and worst year of my life. I could say its all been bad, but I would be lying. Because through the darkest days there have been glimpses of hope, prospects of a brighter tomorrow. I dont know how I survived, how I made it to twenty three. With the … More One Four

Internal Discovery

What does it mean “to find one’s self”? To discover who you really are.  Introspective soul searching, looking into yourself to extract some mysterious thing. A motive, a conviction. Something to which more time and energy can be devoted.  Looking for a purpose. A reason why you exist in this world. A glimpse into what … More Internal Discovery

Broken Soul

Ive never felt more alone in my life. Sitting here on my bed, a million things running through my head. Theres a small gathering outside outside my room, my roommate has a few friends over. Everything is spinning around me. Its like time stands still for me, here and now. While everyone keeps moving forward … More Broken Soul