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In pursuit of vibrant health ~ physically, mentally, and spiritually

Understanding how to build healthy habits in a busy world can feel like a never-ending challenge…but it doesn’t have to!

We take the confusion and frustration out of getting healthy so you feel your best every single day (instead of just every once in a while!) We do this by helping you learn to create daily rhythms of wellness so you can live with more joy, peace and energy!

Hi! I’m Sarah Sykora ~

a Plant Based Wellness Coach

I provide guidance in fundamentals of natural health practices so that you can experience consistent, lasting results while strengthening the mind, body, spirit connection. When you're empowered with tools and skills to choose what's best for you, enjoying the journey to optimal health comes naturally. I am passionate about helping you feel your best so you can experience the abundant life God created you for!

My clients come from all around the world, and prior to working with me, struggle with knowing how to get started on their health transformations. Like me, many of my clients have also suffered from acne, chronic fatigue, and other hormonal imbalance symptoms. 

How to start…

wherever you’re at in your health journey, there’s something here for you!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Sarah offered me a personal project, according to my own situation and gave me help that really suited me. I feel satisfied with what I’ve been able to achieve with Sarah’s support.

— Linda

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Thank you for all of the support you have given me this year! You were always so reliable and lovely to work with! I could rely on feeling peaceful and grounded because of you.

— Brianna

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Sarah has become a trusted source of wisdom, planning and organisation for me. I am most grateful to Sarah for her deep sense of the presence of God.

— Tom

Apply for 1:1 Coaching Today!

After completing the request form, you’ll be able to book a call with me at a time that best suites you.

During our initial call, I’ll help you get clarity around your current state of health and provide personalized guidance that will help you know exactly what to do to get moving towards your health goals.

In the Raw Reformation Community you’ll learn how to…

  • learn foundational principles of health and wellness, as well as practical ways to implement them in your life
  • create habits that help you feel your best so that you can make the most of every day
  • become confident in who you were created to be so you can boldly pursue what you were created for
  • grow in your relationship with the Lord and experience deeper levels of peace and joy

Let’s Connect…

Follow along my journey of Life Loving Jesus to be inspired and encouraged in the radical transformation Christ calls us into!

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