City Dreaming

Its a Monday night. The first in this month of October. The month when in Arizona, fall begins. Far far away, I dream of city life. The hustle and bustle. I feel that something is missing. The lush life. The life of melody. Tonight I am sad, Tonight I miss the city. I miss the … More City Dreaming

The Fog

Everything is foggy today I cant find my center. The stars are screaming at me. My mother is crying at me. Tears flowing freely through my eyelids, I dont even open my eyes. I just need a minute. I need to clear. Give me a minute, Ill face the fear. I feel the tension, the angst, … More The Fog

Young Again

He makes me feel young again. Like were back in 1996. The perfect year for the princess horse. Not a care in the world, not a worry or a sigh, just fields of green grass and flowers for miles. I didn’t think it was possible. Life had me fooled. But maybe this can happen to … More Young Again

Perfect Date

I like picnics. I like looking at the sky, shaping the clouds and counting the stars. I like to imagine. I like to remember. I like to smile. and laugh. and giggle. I like home cooked food. Theres just something about food when you add love to the mix.  I like dresses. and hats. rings … More Perfect Date

Full Moon

Tonight the moon is beautiful. I wish I had someone to share it with.  The moon, bright but not blinding. Nourishing but gentle. Reflecting the light from the life source, the sun.  My fingers are a bit stiff today. It was a rough one. But I went to three yoga classes today and it definitely … More Full Moon

This is what it feels like. To have men in your life who care about you just because. Because its the right thing to do. Because Im family. I always wanted a big brother. Someone who would carry the conversation for me. I know its real because we share blood. I dont know what Im … More

One Four

Two Thousand and Thirteen. The best and worst year of my life. I could say its all been bad, but I would be lying. Because through the darkest days there have been glimpses of hope, prospects of a brighter tomorrow. I dont know how I survived, how I made it to twenty three. With the … More One Four

The Fame

Fame does not make one more real or important.  It does not merit the right to be heard more or differently. We all have voices.  Mine is just as significant as yours.  We crave fame because we believe that is the only way we will be heard.  We want popularity because we want our words … More The Fame

Reality Check

Its eating them alive. Its eating me alive. This phenomenon named death.  It will eat your soul, make your face almost unrecognizable.  It will consume your thoughts, muffle your screams and drive you to madness.  A weight so heavy the heart turns to face the monster itself. Looking for an answer, looking for a truth.  … More Reality Check

Internal Discovery

What does it mean “to find one’s self”? To discover who you really are.  Introspective soul searching, looking into yourself to extract some mysterious thing. A motive, a conviction. Something to which more time and energy can be devoted.  Looking for a purpose. A reason why you exist in this world. A glimpse into what … More Internal Discovery