About Me

I provide guidance in fundamentals of natural health practices so that you can experience consistent, lasting results while strengthening the mind, body, spirit connection. When you're empowered with tools and skills to choose what's best for you, enjoying the journey to optimal health comes naturally. I am passionate about helping you feel your best so you can experience the abundant life God created you for!

When I started dreaming about what Life Loving Jesus could be, I knew that at the center of it all was the desire to create a space where seekers of God would feel inspired, celebrated and encouraged to become the best version of themselves, so that they could make an impact in the world!

I am a living foods chef,  health coach, musician, and medical missionary. My personal journey through suffering from severe hormonal imbalance symptoms such as chronic candida, acne, and chronic fatigue have led me to find true healing in God's principles of health. 

My experience in education and hospitality have broadened my ability to provide guidance and support in adaptive environments. If you'd like to learn more about how I can help you reach your health goals, or to request personal or group cooking demonstrations, book a free discovery call with me where we'll discuss what you're trying to accomplish, and how I might be able to help. Just before the booking page, you'll take a short questionnaire to help me be prepared for our call. Alternatively, email me directly at lifelovingjesus@gmail.com 

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