Culinary Exploration

I walked into an empty little cafe, and an old European man walked out from behind the counter. I fell in love.
This is the kind of place I belong in.
I immediately decided that I would eat here, even though the menu didn’t have many vegetarian options.
I ordered the veggie panini, and patiently waited as the old man made my sandwich from scratch.
Now that’s how it’s supposed to be done.
My food arrived, and it looked a little strange, veggies dripping out the sides and a pickle on the side.
But the first bite was delicious. It could have used a little less mayonnaise, but I did come for some authentic European cuisine so I can’t complain.
I took a bite of the pickle even though I don’t like pickles, just because I thought it was appropriate.
I could use more of this kind of thing in my life.
Quite cafes on sunny mornings, fresh food and a little bit of writing.


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