Catalyst of Peace

This morning I was asked to follow up on a job application I applied for months ago. When I applied for this job, I wasn’t convinced it was right for me. Even this morning, I was struggling with deep-rooted disbelief that this job was the best choice.

I woke up and suddenly realized that I hadn’t spent much intentional time in prayer, and even less time being rooted and grounded in the Word. I knew I needed the help of God to be able to decide wether or not to take the offer for employment.

See, there are some things I disagree with. Some things that are a part of my life because I grew up in it. Some things like saying “God” instead of “Eternal” or “YahWeh”. Like sitting forward in meetings instead of in a circle. Things that separate me from people who’s experience of God seems traditional or restrictive. I grew up in a culture of church, doing the motions and following the rules, but rarely experiencing the real relationships true community shares. I’ve been able to learn more recently that all the moments of intentional love pile up and become a powerful force that cannot be stopped. “Church” is not a limitation, its a daily opportunity to practice intentional love.

Restoration of the divinity of our Maker is important because it includes everyone in the conversation about our Creator. It allows us to recognize the Spirit of Love in others, and participate in building the Kingdom of Heaven together. As we seek to improve our relationships with our Father, every child must examine herself or himself to see if our efforts are in line with unconditional love. The love that is patient, kind, encouraging, humble, other-centered, peaceful and forgiving. Surrendering our earthly routine, tendencies, and emotions is crucial to allow the Holy Spirit to move in us. Meditation in the life and death of Jesus clears our vision of who we are to imitate. As we pray for others, the Father listens, and sends angels to their aid.

There is something revolutionary about the concept of manifesting the kingdom of heaven here and now. Right now, we have power to make our surroundings more full of unconditional love, havens of peace and non-violence for everyone around. In every moment, we are catalysts of divine intention, growing and stretching our abilities to lay foundations, open doors, and build bridges between the people we know and the people we will meet.

I have confidence now in the fact that the job is right for me. Why? Because I am constantly learning and evolving. Life Loving Jesus is living life in its fullest, loving everything and everyone, while trying to imitate the love and selflessness of Jesus. This life is overflowing with blessing. Though not without its trials, the journey of eternal life is free to anyone who will believe that Jesus is the Son of God, the divine human who conquered death and gives us freedom. I believe, and so I know that blessing awaits and freedom is mine to explore and wander, learning and sharing my experiences with others.

I love that love is free. Thank you Jesus for loving me.



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