Miracles pt. 2

Miracles happen when you aren’t looking for them, instead you must listen. Listen to the soft silence – the One within. The One you pray to.

Can you HEAR Him?

or have you lost count of your many blessings so much so that you seldom say “Thank You”?

You do realize that nothing you have is yours.

You claim to be a child under His name.

Miracles happen when we begin to reflect, as we recall and recognize everything we’ve asked for – He’s given to us.

And those requests that continue to linger – the ones you can’t explain…

God is working in unseen ways.

He is refining us. Like smooth gems or a patient’s occlusion, or a correctly practiced yoga pose.

These all take time. Practice. Learning. Some sort of enlightenment.

Miracles happen when we recognize enlightenment as the illumination of God.

*The Theory of Enlightenment – a practical approach*

When each time we realize Him working, we are becoming more enlightened.

God also sends enlightenment through His Spirit —

this looks like:

  • Understanding a scripture more clearly
  • Answering a question you weren’t sure you knew the answer to
  • Saying yes when you meant to say no
  • and countless other things…

When we are spending more time with God,

  • Our lives are more centered
  • We are more open to the Holy Spirit
  • We respond to His call

We can be confident that if we believe that God lives in us, we are doing the work of God in everything we do.

Is God living in us?

Are MIRACLES happening?

Here is the miracle – search for Jesus, fall in love with Him, adore Him as your King.

Then the miracle of the here and now kingdom will be revealed to you.

A place where time stands still.

Love abounds.

Conflict dissolves.

The water of life flows freely.

Where doing His work, living His life — becomes more attainable



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