Strong Woman

I was broken, unable to find freedom.
Living in regret, sadness and darkness.
I was leading my friends the wrong direction, away from the light of life.
I was hurting everyone who cared about me, blinded to my selfishness.
I was weak, unable to realize that the battles I fought could not be won by myself alone.
I did not see my desperate need.
My desperate need of love.
Not just any love, every human source of love I looked to left me more empty than before.
Lost, totally confused and desperate, I turned to the one thing I had been running away from all along.

It wasnt an instant transformation, it was a daily search for truth.
A constant asking for mercy and grace.
A heart yearning to be full, complete, alive.

Following the recognition of my desperate need for the transforming love of God, and my unwavering search for a relationship with my Creator, I received the greatest gift I will ever possess:
The gift of freedom.

I am no longer chained to this life, no longer chained to death.
No longer a prisoner of sadness, depression and brokenness.

Today I am a strong woman, because I believe in the power of the man I love. His name is Jesus.


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