Too Much

I must have asked for too much. I wasnt content. Unsatisfied.

I couldnt live with what I had before. So I asked for something different. Something better.

Then it happened. My life turned into a whirlwind.

I couldnt count on myself anymore. I had no idea what I had asked for, what was going to happen or where to go.

As I searched for answers my mind kept coming back to one thing.

I asked for more than I could handle, but I was given only what my plate could hold.

The person I asked knew. He knew what I had to do.

He wanted to tell me, and waited patiently until I turned back to Him.


I am not broken yet.

This burden is heavy, there are days I wonder when my heart will feel whole again.



Life at times seems easy. Have you experienced death? heartbreak? loneliness?

Emotion that haunts me days and nights.

Conditions that can grow and change with time. But when time is accounted for, last year becomes only a moment ago – leaving me empty, confused, sad, angry, frustrated, utterly spent.


Thank you Jesus for loving me. For changing my perspective. For teaching me how to be content.

Here, now, in this moment; YOU are all I need.



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