Pozole Verde

I had a craving for this recently and it turned out to be a good light soupy base for some raw veggies. I’ve been wanting to eat more raw foods lately, since its almost summer and my body is adapting to the temperature. I discovered that I liked putting alot of the “raw essentials” in … More Pozole Verde

Four Days Raw

Raw food. For some people, its a revolutionary thought — for others, an essential lifestyle. After rating only raw foods for the last 4 days, I can see why. Yesterday I experienced the strange feeling of my brain being scrubbed clean. Today, I am feeling strong, healthy, and vibrant – fueled by real food. Raw … More Four Days Raw

40 Days Wild

Its the start of an adventurous, unpredictable journey into the wilderness. Inspired by Jesus’ 40 Days in the wilderness after His baptism, and the book, 40 Days Wild by Troy Fitzgerald, this experience is anything but ordinary. I’ll be reading the daily devotional found in the book, in addition to a few other things, with the sole intention … More 40 Days Wild