Highly Favored

Wake up, get up, commencement interaction. Day spent, hours gone, wonder where the time went. It isn’t like we’re seventeen anymore. Young minds, charged and trending, we never knew life would be like this. I’m in the midst of it – life as alive as can be. Stuck on a sprint of growth, the cycle … More Highly Favored


Moments. Its what life is made of. The here and now. Presence. Breath. Sometimes a step back is better than a step forward. Sometimes the spot we’re in just doesn’t seem to fit. So we pray. We reinvent. We revolutionize the moments we have left. We make the most of them. We cherish and respect … More Moments

Earnest Heart

The voice of the Holy Spirit. Can you hear it? Scripture says it’s a gift from God, Enlightenment for those who ask. Knowledge for the simple. Inspiration for the wise. He speaks and those who listen are blessed with this Guide. The God who loves, the God who cares, has a voice only the silent … More Earnest Heart