First Fast

Theres something beautiful that happens when we choose to be obedient to God. He enlightens us. The way I choose to live my life is very backwards at times. I get lost in my own desires, I focus on myself and what is good for me, and I forget how to surrender. God has this … More First Fast


I used to wonder: “What does it mean to be a Christian?” Some will say: “Being a Christian means following the Ten Commandments.” Or “being a Christian means going to church every week.” But how does Christianity shape our daily lives? How does it become practical to us? When we are shopping for groceries at the … More Christ-Like

Earnest Heart

The voice of the Holy Spirit. Can you hear it? Scripture says it’s a gift from God, Enlightenment for those who ask. Knowledge for the simple. Inspiration for the wise. He speaks and those who listen are blessed with this Guide. The God who loves, the God who cares, has a voice only the silent … More Earnest Heart

Exhibit A

In the midst of my loving Jesus, there are moments when things get cloudy. Times when the devil is working hard, striving to hurt me. Satan brings sadness into my soul, he shows me things that I have put in my past, only to get me down. He attacks in the midst of a spiritual … More Exhibit A

Summer Solstice

The Word of God says that God rested on the seventh day after He had made everything good. According to ancient calendars, and also the Spanish language, today, Saturday, is the day that God blessed and rested on. It just so happens that today is the summer solstice, the beginning of summer, the longest day … More Summer Solstice

Love Is

And God said: If you have everything in the world, but you dont have love; you have absolutely nothing.  So what is love?  1 John 4:8 says that God is LOVE. And that anyone who wants to know what love really is should ask God because He will show us. So I looked. And I … More Love Is

Priority Check

When I said, “Focus on your priorities.” I dont think I meant ‘have priorities and stick to them until you die.’ Life changes. People change, priorities change. Nothing stays the same.  Except Jesus. He never takes back his promise to me. He is always there loving me.  Praise God.  Sometimes when I am feeling most … More Priority Check

Internal Discovery

What does it mean “to find one’s self”? To discover who you really are.  Introspective soul searching, looking into yourself to extract some mysterious thing. A motive, a conviction. Something to which more time and energy can be devoted.  Looking for a purpose. A reason why you exist in this world. A glimpse into what … More Internal Discovery