I woke up weepingWishing I could stay sleepingMy heart deeply troubled I cried out to GodMy body tense from the grips of despairPleading with the Father for his will, his mind to be given to me I sought the Lord and he heard me and delivered me out of all my fears. Weeping in the … More Afflictions

Open Heart

I desire to be in step with Your timing, in tune with Your call. I want desperately to be transformed, holy – to be known as Yours, one and only. The path I walk may seem uncertain, but today I choose again to be, wholly surrendered, bearing all on my knees. Its where I see … More Open Heart

The Agape

For a very long time I struggled with hypocrisy in the church. People saying one thing, and doing another. I am by no means exempt of this, Im human afterall. But I have come to realize, as I focus my eyes on Jesus, one thing that is lacking in many of our churches today. Love. … More The Agape

Earnest Heart

The voice of the Holy Spirit. Can you hear it? Scripture says it’s a gift from God, Enlightenment for those who ask. Knowledge for the simple. Inspiration for the wise. He speaks and those who listen are blessed with this Guide. The God who loves, the God who cares, has a voice only the silent … More Earnest Heart

Love Is

And God said: If you have everything in the world, but you dont have love; you have absolutely nothing.  So what is love?  1 John 4:8 says that God is LOVE. And that anyone who wants to know what love really is should ask God because He will show us. So I looked. And I … More Love Is

Wakeup Call

I never knew the world was so cruel.  I underestimated mankind. Gave them the benefit of the doubt, thought them to be more than they are.  People are so mean.  If you dont know me, dont talk about me. If you have nothing nice to say, dont speak at all.  We dont even understand the … More Wakeup Call