One Four

Two Thousand and Thirteen. The best and worst year of my life. I could say its all been bad, but I would be lying. Because through the darkest days there have been glimpses of hope, prospects of a brighter tomorrow. I dont know how I survived, how I made it to twenty three. With the … More One Four

Reality Check

Its eating them alive. Its eating me alive. This phenomenon named death.  It will eat your soul, make your face almost unrecognizable.  It will consume your thoughts, muffle your screams and drive you to madness.  A weight so heavy the heart turns to face the monster itself. Looking for an answer, looking for a truth.  … More Reality Check

The Illusionist

They tell you to keep your head up, to not get discouraged. They say that it will get better, that the worst is behind you. “So many people are in worse situations, get over it.” Dig your nails into your palms, it feels good. <feel the physical pain> Imagine that in the depths of your … More The Illusionist

Broken Soul

Ive never felt more alone in my life. Sitting here on my bed, a million things running through my head. Theres a small gathering outside outside my room, my roommate has a few friends over. Everything is spinning around me. Its like time stands still for me, here and now. While everyone keeps moving forward … More Broken Soul

Wakeup Call

I never knew the world was so cruel.  I underestimated mankind. Gave them the benefit of the doubt, thought them to be more than they are.  People are so mean.  If you dont know me, dont talk about me. If you have nothing nice to say, dont speak at all.  We dont even understand the … More Wakeup Call