Open Heart

I desire to be in step with Your timing, in tune with Your call. I want desperately to be transformed, holy – to be known as Yours, one and only. The path I walk may seem uncertain, but today I choose again to be, wholly surrendered, bearing all on my knees. Its where I see … More Open Heart

Exhibit A

In the midst of my loving Jesus, there are moments when things get cloudy. Times when the devil is working hard, striving to hurt me. Satan brings sadness into my soul, he shows me things that I have put in my past, only to get me down. He attacks in the midst of a spiritual … More Exhibit A

The Ache

Its painful to write today. I miss you. I feel a dull throbbing in my chest. I miss you. I think of you often, every moment I suppose. I miss you. I just wish I could know you were there. Sometimes I see you in other people. Little bits of you here and there. They … More The Ache

The Illusionist

They tell you to keep your head up, to not get discouraged. They say that it will get better, that the worst is behind you. “So many people are in worse situations, get over it.” Dig your nails into your palms, it feels good. <feel the physical pain> Imagine that in the depths of your … More The Illusionist