Creator’s Design

Painting abstract is like falling in love. pencil sketch: artist’s first manifestation of ideas turning into reality. evolving shapes and lines, forming concepts and organizing space. big ideas: clear images start to appear. a central focus moving forward. color: broad, balanced strokes in the background, detailed hues and precise shapes emerging without ending, layer after … More Creator’s Design

Spicy White Radish +

thinly slice and, sautée in little oil on medium heat 1 small ONION 5 cloves GARLIC 1 FRESH RED CHILI, without seeds add 1 WHITE RADISH, cubed sautée together until a little sticky add water, enough to cover most ingredients. the stove stays on while you prepare and add the GINGER TURMERIC curry powder & … More Spicy White Radish +

Succulent Heart

Parts of you become part of me Love the love we think we see Like children playing in a field again Nothing held back, life simple and free There’s something in my head though That voice I can’t ignore Telling me together may not be forever Uncertainty of the future Living now not never How … More Succulent Heart

Stars Falling

swirling under atmospheric pressure pursuit of dreams becoming reality some things really don’t matter so much when you consider them. years fading hard lines into soft shadows skin soft hair thick smooth sound sweet lips strings tuned to the sound of our love learning the rhythm of you But tonight I’ll cry one tear and … More Stars Falling

Squashed Taro Stew

1 purple onion 5 cloves garlic 2 Tomatoes half a taro half a long orange squash cumin turmeric chili powder ginger salt Caramelize the chopped onion and add garlic to sauté for a few minutes. Add chopped tomatoes and stew for about 7 minutes. Stir in chopped taro and sauté, adding a little water if … More Squashed Taro Stew


REVOLUTION Full circle a new look at the original re-examining intentional design. Nothing without purpose, motivated desire to channel talent, skill, and practice re-creating habits taking the conversation past “how are you?” aren’t we tired of cliche responses? don’t we have real life to talk about? REVOLUTION all the way around take a look at … More Revolution

Action AND Words

How much longer are we going to be blinded by our own desire for power? Using weapons instead of conversation, violence instead of peace. How many more children have to die because of bullets and bombs, shot in homes or from brigades? Why do we continue to stand by the policies that aren’t working? Why … More Action AND Words

Ready for War

Threads of society as we know it shredding to pieces. People fighting against people, instead of our common enemy. Hearts breaking, guts wrenching, blood spilling in the streets. Children crying, parents mourning, for the uncertainty of tomorrow. I can’t sit back and just watch, as evil wins battle after battle. I can’t turn a blind … More Ready for War


Only if you’re curious… I know why I am here and now. Hong Kong is a place much like other major cities, unique though, is the land’s natural beauty, and abundance of fresh fruits. I live near the ocean on the jungle mountainside, in a tiny flat where I cook, sleep, write, and store my … More The REFINING