Year Twentysix Vision

GROWTH. CHALLENGE. NEW PATHS. DELIGHT. ACTION. PEACE. HARMONY. GENTLENESS. KINDNESS. PRACTICE. DILIGENCE. UNWAVERING FAITHFULNESS. LEARNING AND LOVE.     Lord God Almighty, Have mercy on me in my weakness, in my humanity. Grant me if it be your will ~ Your Spirit, your likeness. May my effort to serve you reach far and wide – … More Year Twentysix Vision

40 Days Wild

Its the start of an adventurous, unpredictable journey into the wilderness. Inspired by Jesus’ 40 Days in the wilderness after His baptism, and the book, 40 Days Wild by Troy Fitzgerald, this experience is anything but ordinary. I’ll be reading the daily devotional found in the book, in addition to a few other things, with the sole intention … More 40 Days Wild


Moments. Its what life is made of. The here and now. Presence. Breath. Sometimes a step back is better than a step forward. Sometimes the spot we’re in just doesn’t seem to fit. So we pray. We reinvent. We revolutionize the moments we have left. We make the most of them. We cherish and respect … More Moments

A Realized Miracle

It is August 2nd. I woke up this morning, and after having my tea, reading my Bible, stretching, breathing, meditating, and eating breakfast… I opened my laptop to check my emails. I filled out a couple of reviews for products I have recently purchased, and noticed something called Amazon Prime Now. A $10 off coupon … More A Realized Miracle


I was looking for something to do. So I asked God and He told me to go back to school. He also told me to start helping out at the Faith Hope Love project. He gave me a best friend. He gave me the job at Zona Tea. He made me a fake patient actress, … More Miracles

Plant Your Roots

Extend deep into the earth. Sink your roots into the source of Everlasting Light. Ground yourself in Him who is the Firm Foundation. You can listen all day to other people talk. Music, podcasts, sermons, lectures, television, movies. How often do you listen for His voice? How often do you hear Him? People can give … More Plant Your Roots

A Pen and Paper

You ask why I write. I write in hope. In joy and in peace. In expectation of the day of my Lord’s arrival. Everything is to Him. Everything is for Him. All around and about Him. Awaiting Him to do the work, and in the meantime simply being a servant.   Lord, make me a … More A Pen and Paper

Cena Agape

Surrounded by light in the midst of a dark night, it was like we had just been washed up on the shore of a moonlit beach, tide rolling in, everything spinning like a whirlwind. Filled with awe of the God we serve, feeling His presence swirling around us like particles of a storm cloud that … More Cena Agape