life intertwined.

The earth. The gift given to humanity at the dawn of the first day growing in the moonlight seed to sprout germination of the Spirit of LIFE permeating the soil and reaching towards the sky knowing that this life is not the end — its eternity we’ll spend building the kingdom of heaven  –  LOVE … More life intertwined.

Mesmerized By You

This mysterious calling you have for me is enchanting and takes my breath away. You always find ways to make me want more, more of you. You bring me flowers in the Spring and paths lined with sparkling emeralds in Summer. A purpose to fill in Autumn and a warm heart to last the Winter. How can … More Mesmerized By You


You are the peace that surpasses all understanding, You are the love that envelops me whole, You are the light that dawns the morning, That creates the beams of light the darkness can’t fold. You are the sound of waters rushing past, You are the One who calms stormy blasts, You are my Guide through … More Sunrise

Year Twentysix Vision

GROWTH. CHALLENGE. NEW PATHS. DELIGHT. ACTION. PEACE. HARMONY. GENTLENESS. KINDNESS. PRACTICE. DILIGENCE. UNWAVERING FAITHFULNESS. LEARNING AND LOVE.     Lord God Almighty, Have mercy on me in my weakness, in my humanity. Grant me if it be your will ~ Your Spirit, your likeness. May my effort to serve you reach far and wide – … More Year Twentysix Vision

40 Days Wild

Its the start of an adventurous, unpredictable journey into the wilderness. Inspired by Jesus’ 40 Days in the wilderness after His baptism, and the book, 40 Days Wild by Troy Fitzgerald, this experience is anything but ordinary. I’ll be reading the daily devotional found in the book, in addition to a few other things, with the sole intention … More 40 Days Wild


Moments. Its what life is made of. The here and now. Presence. Breath. Sometimes a step back is better than a step forward. Sometimes the spot we’re in just doesn’t seem to fit. So we pray. We reinvent. We revolutionize the moments we have left. We make the most of them. We cherish and respect … More Moments