Highly Favored

Wake up, get up, commencement interaction. Day spent, hours gone, wonder where the time went. It isn’t like we’re seventeen anymore. Young minds, charged and trending, we never knew life would be like this. I’m in the midst of it – life as alive as can be. Stuck on a sprint of growth, the cycle … More Highly Favored

Challenges Ahead

This past week has been one of the toughest in my life. I’ve worked at least 40 hours overtime, researching, studying, buying supplies, organizing, writing, reading, learning, decorating, laminating, printing. I have met twenty one new faces, all in third grade. I’ve expended every last drop of energy in pouring out my heart to them. … More Challenges Ahead

Catalyst of Peace

This morning I was asked to follow up on a job application I applied for months ago. When I applied for this job, I wasn’t convinced it was right for me. Even this morning, I was struggling with deep-rooted disbelief that this job was the best choice. I woke up and suddenly realized that I … More Catalyst of Peace

Total Surrender

What if your community starts to fail. What does one do when she sees little hope in the transformation of her faith community members? The only real answer I believe lies in the direct action of cultivating a new and evolving faith community. This may consist of some people whom she has known for her … More Total Surrender

life intertwined.

The earth. The gift given to humanity at the dawn of the first day growing in the moonlight seed to sprout germination of the Spirit of LIFE permeating the soil and reaching towards the sky knowing that this life is not the end — its eternity we’ll spend building the kingdom of heaven  –  LOVE … More life intertwined.

Mesmerized By You

This mysterious calling you have for me is enchanting and takes my breath away. You always find ways to make me want more, more of you. You bring me flowers in the Spring and paths lined with sparkling emeralds in Summer. A purpose to fill in Autumn and a warm heart to last the Winter. How can … More Mesmerized By You


You are the peace that surpasses all understanding, You are the love that envelops me whole, You are the light that dawns the morning, That creates the beams of light the darkness can’t fold. You are the sound of waters rushing past, You are the One who calms stormy blasts, You are my Guide through … More Sunrise