More About The Author


Sarah has been recording her thoughts on paper for over 15 years and enjoys various artistic hobbies along side writing. You can sometimes find her painting on canvas or playing her violin. Healthful cooking is part of her daily lifestyle, and she loves inventing new recipes. Some of the ingredients she uses in cooking just might be home grown from her own garden! Sarah enjoys being in nature, meditating in Scripture, and eating all kinds of fruits. She loves to explore planet earth, and experience life in all its forms.

Sarah has a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Business Management from Grand Canyon University. She also has a 225 hr Instructor Training Certificate from Holy Yoga, as well as a TEFL Certificate from TEFL Worldwide. She has experience in hospitality and education, and is currently discipline coordinator at an international primary and secondary school in Hong Kong.

Sarah stays active in her local church by being part of the praise and worship team, organizing events and experiences for people of all ages, and facilitating personal Bible studies to those with the desire to grow spiritually.

Some things I believe:

Jesus came as a perfect servant.

My mission is to become a perfect servant.

Love is the means,

and Love is the end.

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