I’m grateful for the summer season, the sun’s heat creating appreciation for wind and rain.

I’m grateful for the tares in the field, they’re becoming apparent as I transform into grain.

I’m grateful for the songs God sings through me ~ His Words and His melody.

I’m grateful that I’m learning to be content in whatever state I am, producing a mindset that is truly free.

I’m grateful for the comfort of home and the warmth of family in it.

I’m grateful to have a kitchen big enough so that all my creations can fit.

I’m grateful for friends to pray with, people to challenge my growth.

I’m grateful for the Bible, my God speaking life into my dry bones.

I’m grateful for the Spirit of the Lord living within me.

I’m grateful for the assurance that I’ve been redeemed. That I don’t need to be ashamed of who I was or where I’ve come through.

I’m grateful that Jesus calls me a sister, that God calls me a daughter, a beloved bride.

I’m grateful for each and every colour my eyes can see, each and every sound my ears can hear.

I’m grateful for textures and flavours of plants that were created for food.

I’m grateful for the tender hearts of animals that teach us so much.

I’m grateful for fresh water, clean air.

I’m grateful that our Creator made it so that life can regenerate itself.

I’m grateful for dreams and hopes.

I’m grateful that nothing can prevent the will of God from taking place.

I’m grateful that Jesus promised to come back.

I’m grateful for love in every form.

I’m grateful for diversity in nature and in humans.

I’m grateful for the ability to learn new skills.

I’m grateful for fingers that can type.

I’m grateful to be able to read.

I’m grateful to serve a God who is infinitely wise. To be loved by Him in the deepest of ways.


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