The Eternal’s Favor

For you bless the righteous, O Lord;
    you cover her with favor as with a shield.

Psalm 5:12

In the Fall of 2020, I began praying for the favor of the Lord to be on me. I asked, not knowing the fullness of what I requested, but with trust that it would be done for me. Now, more than half a year later, I can start to see clearly, the favor with which God has shielded me from attacks and fiery darts of confusion.

I prayed for discernment. For confirmation. I waited, and continued praying. I prayed that I would be able to hear God’s voice louder than those of the humans around me. I prayed for His steadfast peace.

All this, and more has been given to me.

The revelation of God’s provision, uncovered by the development of patience.

The Eternal is faithful. He keeps His promise. He is merciful to all who seek him with their whole heart.

The Eternal is kind. He listens to our cries. He replaces our stony hearts with hearts that long to be more devoted to Him.

The Eternal is my rock. He is my deliverer. My strong tower. My fortress. In Him will I place my trust.

His favor draws me into his presence.

His favor prepares me as His bride.

His favor woos my heart and captures my affection.

His favor fills the crevices of my once aching heart.

I am everything with Him. He is everything to me.

No one can take Him away, and He won’t ever stop pursuing me.

It’s His favor. His deep desire to cherish me, love me, heal me.


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