HIS like

One voice

One heartbeat

One influence

One life.

Who am I that you can use me?

What have I done that earns any merit?

How will I ever feel fulfilled in a world where you need likes to measure up?

Old soul lost in the present moment.

The revolution is not televised.

The truth won’t get millions of views.

Reality isn’t popular.

I’m constantly finding myself reminding myself that I don’t live for the fame, instead I choose love. But choosing love has got me wanting to share the love. But no one seems to want true love. Only the idea of love. The face of love.

Love lets go of control. Humans aren’t ready to do that.

It’s hard to love authentically when you live alone.

It’s too easy to retreat into my home, my sacred space where I am free to be myself, free to be by myself. It’s easy to talk about love without living it out.

I want to live out love.

It’s hard being satisfied and wanting more at the same time.

It’s hard to post authentic content and not get views or likes.

It’s hard to read the word of God and not have a partner to share my conviction with.

I keep thinking life would be different if….

If I had kept my focus.

If I hadn’t gotten swept up, time and time again.

If I’d only…. If I’d just….

But that is the voice of the enemy. I know it and I’ve known it all along.

I read God’s love letters to me, and I see my sin.

I hear Him speaking softly over me and I feel my own shame.

I feel his breath on my skin as the wind rushes past.

I know his presence.

I know his voice.

And I want more.

More of Jesus.

Less chasing after human approval.

More affirmations from the love of my life.

If no one likes my post I’ll still be satisfied.

Lord, transform my mind so the dopamine release comes from meditating in your word.

Serotonin flood when I talk to you in prayer.

Teach me to share authentically without seeking approval from them.

Your like is the only one that now matters to me. ❤


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