Kimchi Pickles

Kimchi always eluded me. Until I determined one day to try my hand at it. Turns out, its pretty basic, and spicy however you like it. Now I can enjoy kimchi without the sea critters body parts all rubbed into it and also without burning my tastebuds off!

Break apart the cabbage into bite size pieces. Sprinkle it with salt until there is some salt on almost every piece. Let the cabbage sweat for 2 hours, tossing it every 10 minutes to let the salt move around. It will shrink and become soft.

*this recipe used 3 small or 2 medium Chinese Cabbage aka Napa

Grind onion, garlic, and ginger into a pulp.

Diagonally sliced green onion adds color.

Orange and White Carrot become delicious when pickled.

The kimchi paste is made with 4 TBSP flour, 1/4 c. water, (combine and heat until thick – stirring constantly. Stir in 1 TBSP mushroom seasoning, 1 TBSP soy sauce, & 1TBSP sugar. Let cool.

I added these chili flakes to the kimchi paste.

It’s imperative to wash the salted cabbage well before mixing it in with the kimchi paste. I wash the cabbage 3 times, drain all the water, then combine it with the kimchi paste.

Usually, I put the mixture in a glass container, and leave it out of the fridge for 1 day, then transfer it to the fridge for longer keeping. 1 day out of the fridge speeds up the fermenting process – if you like pickled flavors.

Pro tip: before placing the kimchi in the fridge, it should not be stored air tight. Put the lid on, but not all the way to let the gas escape. You can also stir it a couple times throughout the day to redistribute the slight amount of liquid that can separate. Once refrigerated, it can last 2 weeks.

Kimchi Pickles served with flowering greens and fresh tofu

Enjoy with rice or noodles, its even nice on multigrain toast. Eating regularly can help with immunity boosting as healthy gut bacteria is living inside of you ❤

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