Done Dreaming

Waking up from dreaming can give you different feelings.

If I was in danger, consciousness is relief.

If I was with him, reality is death.

The most devastating dream to awaken from though, is the one I’ve been living as real life.

I thought it was nice to stay dreaming, looking for silver linings, settling for less than the highest standard that I deserve.

I think I just woke up.

One question later and I just woke up.

The worst reality is not caring about the highest consciousness. Realizing the existence of more, but being hesitant to discover it – avoiding change that enables transformation of our vision and understanding of life.

What is there left to lose?

There isn’t anyone who can tell me this is all we can know.

The one I’ve already lost told me it’s infinite. I have to keep his memory alive.

Amnesia is for the weak. Remembering takes practice.

Recognition of the universal wisdom that dwells within us. I’ll participate in the healing instead of destruction.

I’ll let love do the work.

I can’t deal with trauma well anymore.

I can’t convince myself that anything is worth giving up on the pursuit of my higher contribution.

Am I destined to keep on running away?

In younger days, I dreamed to be a dreamer. Chasing after everything the world had to offer.

As I’ve aged, it seems the world is all a vending machine of temporary happiness. Construct of the greatest villan who for some reason was given some say in our earthly existence.

How can I stop from remebering?

How can I ignore what I already know?

I can’t stay asleep when reality is better than dreaming.

So let the light shine. Send the sun through my window and into my eye.

Keep me awake, keep me sane.

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