Creator’s Design

Painting abstract is like falling in love.

pencil sketch: artist’s first manifestation of ideas turning into reality. evolving shapes and lines, forming concepts and organizing space.

big ideas: clear images start to appear. a central focus moving forward.

color: broad, balanced strokes in the background, detailed hues and precise shapes emerging without ending, layer after layer, time passes time.

Meeting for the first time, skeptical, open. Listening and asking questions. Time and space spent together, observing and feeling and trying new things. Sharing pieces of our character, discovering and exploring complexities of the other.

Realizing that the love in me is the love in you is the love all around us. Unity, oneness, all love, only love. Desires to serve and grow together overtaking the flaws and inconsistencies. Commitment to the process holding us together.

Working out hard bits, celebrating our differences.

Holding you in the light, and being held by you.







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