Succulent Heart

Parts of you become part of me
Love the love we think we see
Like children playing in a field again
Nothing held back, life simple and free

There’s something in my head though
That voice I can’t ignore
Telling me together may not be forever
Uncertainty of the future
Living now not never

How can I let you go?
How can I break your heart?
Innocence is bliss, but I’m full of questions
Curiosity captivating thoughts, fear gripping my heart

Open your soul let your love flow free
Grow and learn and serve with me
Seek transformation everyday with intentional action
We can love the world together

Love is God, God is love
The action of love extending to support and nurture spiritual growth in myself and others.
Universal cosmos spinning – charging the energy flowing through our blood, sparking electricity in your eyes. Divine light shining out of your human body – proving existence of higher consciousness – aligning the path between our stars and kindling the fire of kindness, compassion, selflessness.


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