Stars Falling

swirling under atmospheric pressure
pursuit of dreams becoming reality
some things really don’t matter so much when you consider them.
years fading hard lines into soft shadows

skin soft
hair thick
smooth sound
sweet lips

strings tuned to the sound of our love
learning the rhythm of you

But tonight I’ll cry one tear and let go of you,

Releasing heart strings that I once wrapped around all of you.

Hope of forever is fading fast,

Stars falling like snowflakes from the black night sky.

If I could go back to your arms I wouldn’t change it baby, but now that I’m gonna be alone it’ll be fine.

I wish you’d say you miss me really,

I wish you’d want my love and my…

Real love, the kind that lasts

That’s the thing I’m living for.

So if I have to wait some more, I’ll do it without thinking of you darling

Cuz this wondering of where you are, who you’re with

It’s killing me slowly, leaving me lonely.

I won’t go on loving like this, it’s not real love when you’re wondering which

Moment he’ll call

Cold winter sold the fate of this love story. A moment too late to make a lasting impression

Pluck the strings of your guitar once more, melt the defense around my heart before – I go back into this frozen world

Don’t let my heart break again tonight, love is for the lucky and brave, so then take a chance and stay with me – live fast, die hard for this moment, be free.

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