Full circle
a new look at the original
re-examining intentional design.
Nothing without purpose, motivated desire
to channel talent, skill, and practice
re-creating habits
taking the conversation past “how are you?”
aren’t we tired of cliche responses?
don’t we have real life to talk about?

all the way around
take a look at it from every side now
the sun shines on good days and bad
and plants continue to grow
large trees giving shade to flowers below
life thriving in harmony
how far we’ve come
but how far we’ve fallen
from the standard of perfect love
seeds of corruption planted by our enemy
force of evil perpetuated by selfishness, power, and greed –
ideals deceitfully embedded into humanity.
“I want to be like God”, she said,
standing under the glittering fruit tree.
Not taking into account
that being God comes with infinite responsibility
to love even the unlovable
to forgive even the unworthy
to possess the knowledge of the heights of good and the depths of evil.
And how many of us fall into the same trap of lies
thinking we can attain the status of “god” by some effort of our own
but is this the goal?
is this the prize?

in favor of rising up against the current system
not in violent ways we’ve previously seen
war is not the answer to war,
and fighting never leads to peace.
Already too many people live in fear, without hope
already epidemics of hunger, homelessness, and hatred afflict our youth
already we’ve seen people persecuted and killed, bullied and berated, despised and cast out.
how much more?
how much longer will we continue to make believe there’s nothing we can do?
how many more nights bored clicking through the channels
binge watching last season’s XYZ
how many more mornings waking up with emotions controlled by notifications on a cell phone screen?

how much more?
how many more tragedies till we ALL mobilize?
start practicing the habits we’ve resolved for the last 3 new years
improve the conditions of the world where we are.
Do you believe there’s something you can do?
Do you believe in the power of ONE?
Do you believe there’s something more you were created for?
First step: Believe.
Next Step: Receive.
Last Step: Take Action,
make a change,
do something different.

recycle your paper
use your plastic bag twice
carry a drink container
if you’re going to the same place, ride with a friend
if you see someone who’s struggling, lend a helping hand
go out of your way to meet your neighbor before you need his favor.
Choose animals as friends not food or clothing
pay more for ethically sourced cacao and avocados and coffee
think twice before you conform to thinking he needs to buy you a diamond to express true love
really ask the question, WHAT IS LOVE?
What are the actions
am I doing them?
All the time, every day, at this very moment
Figure out for yourself – who is God?
am I gaining, growing, getting stronger?
Cuz let me tell you its possible
that like Eve, we are deceived
fed the fruits of hatred, jealousy, and greed —
things like too much sugar, GMO’s, trans and saturated fat
clogging cranial arteries —
Protect your mind
be aware of what you eat
make choices with integrity, consideration of all living beings
Then enjoy freely of the bounty
giving thanks for our provision
Not wasting any last bit
from tiny baby steps to full strides forward
take part in these moments of heavenly bliss

rise up
fly the flag of humility
boldly claiming victory
we’re gaining ground in solidarity
and manifesting new reality.


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