Action AND Words

How much longer are we going to be blinded by our own desire for power?
Using weapons instead of conversation, violence instead of peace.

How many more children have to die because of bullets and bombs, shot in homes or from brigades?

Why do we continue to stand by the policies that aren’t working?

Why are we content to move into the future without pursuing fundamental change?

Paranoia creeps into the minds of everyone glancing at screens,
Fear paralyzing our frontal lobes and holding us in a state of shock, anger, helplessness.

The powerful elite, Satan’s army, knows the ways to incapacitate men and women who would otherwise be great forces for good. They study algorithms and target the weak, the isolated, the poor. They create conspiracies and frame others, naming them ‘terrorists’, casting blame as far away but as close to home as possible to shift the critical public eye away from the real terror.

Waking up from centuries of deceit is hard to do when the distractions of life are so prevalent. It’s easy to stay sleeping, especially when the real world is so full of real tragedy and heartache.

But what I find even harder, is to stay sleeping when you realize that the weapons of mass destruction have entered my home, my space, my family. To stay sleeping when every night I am tortured by the absence of those whom I love.

If I choose to stay dreaming now, there may be no hope for ever waking up – in this life or the next.
If I choose to ignore the sedatives being added to my experience, I might never see the truth uncovered by the thin layer of lies that grows thicker by the minute.
If I choose to sleep now, the devil has me where he wants me.

So I cannot.
I cannot stay sleeping.
I cannot keep silent.
I cannot perpetuate the ideologies that have been fed to me since my inception by our entranced and brainwashed society.
I cannot support the violent means of control and power for profit at the expense of anyone’s soul.
I cannot do nothing as I’m confronted by the evil ways in which the elite operate.
I cannot pledge allegiance or claim inheritance to any corrupt world order, for they are all just that, corrupt and controlled by the dark forces that are unseen in this world.

So what do I do?

I pray, for wisdom and courage to do righteousness.
I speak, for the voiceless so that the truth may be heard.
I stand, next to my sisters and brothers in the fights for freedom.
I march, chanting peace and love, reigning down from above.
I read, texts that challenge my current perspective and lead me to wisdom.
I go, into new places and old, to tell about what I’ve learned.
I teach, the children, and anyone else who will listen, of the Kingdom and the God of Love.
I give, my time, energy, and talent to shine light on the truth.
I serve, like Jesus did, and count on the promise that he’s going to rescue us from this perpetual sickness of sin that started with humans, wanting power, wanting to be ‘like God’.

The Lord will do it, everything that’s been promised. The kingdom of heaven will be manifest through us, wielding the power of the Holy Spirit. And if we ask and believe, then we have already received it.


Be bold in the transformation that is taking place in and around you.
The hope is that we do not need to stay the same.
The hope is that we can be changed into the LIGHT.
We can make choices that empower the forces of good.
God is on our side.


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