Through a Looking Glass

san jook’s aftermath.

an unpublished masterpiece. unravellings of the mind bled out onto the screen.

society corrupted by technology.

talk becomes text. emotion turning into pictures. real meaning masked by the interpretation of the reader.

the words i said make no mark.

action in reality moves too slow for the digital world.

i tell the parents to take away those screens. let your child’s mind rest. let them play outside, discover the world with their hands, their feet, their eyes. take away the need for speed and let them develop patience. help them to watch the flowers bud and blossom, the fruits form and ripen.

the tree produces fruit in its season. all good things come with time.

but the children cannot wait.

they cannot see the value in diligently walking past the field every day, noticing the small changes that lead to harvest time.

we’ve bred a generation who crave instant gratification, the constant need for EVERYTHING. NOW.

the expectation of getting a prize for putting in a little effort.

the human heart is not a game to be won, or a star to be earned.

it blossoms like the cherry tree in spring, after the cold winter has passed.

but for those who cannot endure the falling leaves of autumn, nor the seemingly dead branches of winter, there will be no spring or summer.

they will blow away like the wind that brought san jook to shore.

violently passionate, strong and steady, but quickly fleeting.

leaving a mess to clean up but not one casualty.

the walls of our city are strong enough to withstand a little shaking.

the result of calculated infrastructure, built on failure after failure.

i’ve learned to be more careful in these years that i’ve gained. my patience has grown and my vision is clearer.

you see, typhoon winds brake some branches and blow away some leaves.

its simply nature’s way of pruning trees.




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