Sleep Dream Wake Up

How can you love a person you hardly know?

Love is a choice.

Even Jesus, the human who loved me so much – the one who gave his life for me – he knew me first. My heart’s deepest desire. My motivation. My passion.

The universe had conceived me before it loved me.

Its not a mother’s love, one that can love without knowing.

It’s not a father’s love, one that loves through affection of a woman.

Only a child’s love would be so pure, so free –

Not expecting anything in return for full pursuit of relationship.

Only a child would fall so obliviously.

So here is the dilemma: my heart’s desire is to be cared for, nurtured, stretched and grown. Can these needs be met by a child’s love?

The answer is no.

These needs can only be met by one love. My first love.

See I forgot one MAJOR part of the equation.

Perfect love.

Amnesia captured my mind in a moment of passion.

I gave in to the king’s disgusting food, and now I feel sick.

I put on the character of the vulnerable, and I am consumed with shame.

How long will I be so forgetful? How long will I fail to practice what I have learned?


I remember he told me I could receive grace.

Another chance to embrace perfect love, eternal love.

The One who IS. The spirit of truth. Today I choose you. Because today is again new.


Exactly what I don’t deserve, and exactly what can make desperation into regeneration.

Death into life.

Born again into an original awakening. Unordinary experience.




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