Highly Favored

Wake up, get up, commencement interaction.

Day spent, hours gone, wonder where the time went.

It isn’t like we’re seventeen anymore.

Young minds, charged and trending, we never knew life would be like this.

I’m in the midst of it – life as alive as can be.

Stuck on a sprint of growth, the cycle that never repeats.

Never content with what could be, simply present in the moment.

Hopelessly hoping that I won’t get distracted by dull, momentary, things.

Gasping for air in an ocean of time, ticking slowly by.

Who’s counting, anyway? Aren’t I living my own life?

Weaving in and out of those spirit beings around me.

Sharing togetherness for such short segments of eternity.

What is time? What is death? Predictions of things to come.

But what if things could be different. What if they already are.

A shifting perspective. Eureka concept of WHO IS. There’s only ONE who truly exists.

creator. jah. i am. yeshua. the omniscient. eternal one.

ABOVE ALL, I seek to know the One who may be found. Time is irrelevant – the moment is NOW.



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