Total Surrender

What if your community starts to fail. What does one do when she sees little hope in the transformation of her faith community members? The only real answer I believe lies in the direct action of cultivating a new and evolving faith community. This may consist of some people whom she has known for her whole lifetime, and of some she just met today.

We must examine the life of Jesus daily. The principals Jesus practiced, peace, love and healing, are principals that we can also exercise. We must be reminded of the words and actions of the one we call “Lord”, so that we can implement the physical action that begins with belief.

Today I met a man, who gave us the keys to his church, after chatting for about 20 minutes in his office. We are, by the world’s standard, strangers. We are, by our faith in Jesus Christ, brother and sister. Trust is not something that can be cultivated, it can only be extended, like mercy, like grace – undeserved, bold, empowering.

Today I feel abandoned by many brothers and sisters I thought would help out in a time of need. I feel poor in my spirit because of the lack of support in an effort to build the kingdom. Despite these feelings of humility and distress, I feel so blessed. I know the Eternal will work out the details as I remain faithful. I know the Creator of His children can calm the storms and call them into His presence. I am blessed because I know there are a few, today, part of my faith family, who love, and support, and give everything they have to God in total surrender. Allowing for the kingdom to be built in all the ways, planned out and last minute, 70,000 strong and with a group of just ten. Cultivating the spirit of selflessness in every way possible. Protesting in humility.

Flawed as I may be, I see the sweet fruits of those seeds planted with intention, cultivated by relationship, nurtured by truth and the pursuit of Him. Power has been given to me, to choose love, even when my tendency chooses otherwise. Today I choose to let go of my “feelings”, and trust that I may keep walking in the truth, attracting others to it’s genuine selflessness, it’s pursuit of peace, and progressive growth.



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