life intertwined.

The earth.

The gift given to humanity at the dawn of the first day

growing in the moonlight

seed to sprout

germination of the Spirit of LIFE

permeating the soil and reaching towards the sky

knowing that this life is not the end —

its eternity we’ll spend

building the kingdom of heaven  –  LOVE PEACE JUSTICE

intention in every action

we all have purpose — speak blessing, share love, fight against hate and prejudice.

to water the seeds all around us

and help them grow

the children, wether they’re yours or mine – they’re ours.

boys and girls growing up in the world we are given to care for.

Listen to Mother Earth groan.

How the birth pangs begin.

This age of all knowing – connected by spider silk

distracted by ads for worthless junk

they’ve cultivated societies of obsessive need.

bound by ideals of success that lead to greed.

“You can’t serve God and money” he said, one day by the shore of Galilee

But look all around us, its all we see:

a commercial to tell me what I need

an ad to remind me of what I don’t have

a great sale to get me to buy more

rigged technology that slows to get new models off the floor.

corrupt world order making rich richer and poor poorer

taking advantage of the miseducation of the masses.

inducing minds in a conscious coma

forever staring at a screen.

hooked on watch video after video.

input no output.

soaking up whatever’s trending.

SAVE THE CHILDREN, their minds, their capacity to discern right from wrong!

Reject the programming, defy Babylon!

There’s hope for tomorrow if we start fighting today,

a renewed heart and right mind is just a prayer away.

Trust in the One who sent his son to live life as a human and show us true love

unhindered by discrimination of race, gender, or creed

and offer a way to LIFE ABUNDANTLY

A rebel of religious norms of his day

Jesus broke so called laws to pave the way, for love and justice to prevail

The original resistance of the epitome of evil

Now the Spirit that was in him is given to us

onward to the kingdom we must!

build piece by peace from the ashes up

we are not alone in this tremendous feat,

along the road of reconciliation we’ll meet

watching new life sprout beneath our feet.


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