Other World Reality

Enter into life eternal,

open eyes with a longing to see.

Consider for a moment what it would be like if in this instant, you were born into a different dimension,

alternate planet,

nothing familiar,

totally unknown.

You aren’t afraid, there’s no need for that.

Without fear, only love.

Are you willing to learn?

Are you wanting to know the infinite revelations that are awaiting?

The kingdom of heaven is something like this.

Something like walking into the space of the unknown.

Being born again is something like this,

Helpless, needing guidance, spiritual direction, whole-life formation.

Its too easy to believe that we know the answers to most things, with theories being tested, the same outcome to be had. But here is the real question, do you want what you’ve always had, or are you looking for something more?

Only Jesus offers life.

Real living.

And His way is so unpredictable.

Full of raw potential.

Its comfortable to miss the Kingdom.  Staying within our knowledge of the Scriptures, what we’ve tested to be true, the same things our forefathers believed, the same things they tried again and again.

But Jesus didn’t come to pave the way of comfort. He was a rebel of the religious system, a revolutionary of His day. He studied and learned, practiced and preached, ideas that roused strong emotion, love that sought to serve.

Do we dare be like Him?

Do we dare pursue love at all costs?

Do we dare invite others to do the same?

Freedom may be the price we pay here in this life, in the world run by corruption and greed, selfishness and pride. But the price we pay is the true prize, one that begins to manifest in different ways than we now see.

Rebirth finds that freedom is the unknown reality we begin walking into.

Rebirth into the Kingdom.

Breathing air straight from the atmosphere of Jehovah.

Surreal possibilities, miracle power in words, love demonstrated by action.

Welcome all to the Kingdom, enter now into life.


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