Mesmerized By You

This mysterious calling you have for me is enchanting and takes my breath away. You always find ways to make me want more, more of you. You bring me flowers in the Spring and paths lined with sparkling emeralds in Summer. A purpose to fill in Autumn and a warm heart to last the Winter.

How can I turn from you? Where would I run? There is no place I’d rather hide than in the center of your love.

Jehovah, manifest yourself in me, let my body and my soul be your throne, my King. Hear the praise that leaves my lips, lifting you high. More glorious than the sun, your sweet embrace, I long for it all through the night. And when morning’s dawn breaks forth like a rainbow above the horizon, joy sparks in me, growing like the heat of the great star till it is matched at midday.

Your voice speaks softly, calling me near. Every moment, varied by the newness of rebirth. Your Spirit calling me to repentance, awaiting words of love from this, your adoring creation. And as Jesus is lifted high in my life, may the man or woman I happen to meet be a witness of the transformational work that began at my conception, my acceptance of your divine invitation to take part in the unforgettable experience of coming to know You. Another piece of life’s map is revealed at last, showing no final destination, only infinity on the horizon.

To see what lies directly before me, the privilege of pursuing You.


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