For Such A Time As This.

A moment I prayed for, so long ago. I can’t even remember.

An opportunity that opened to me so fast, I didn’t even have time to blink.

Total surrender. The one thing it takes – to serve God with all my heart.

My one desire, to represent Him. The true God. 

Lord may these next years of my life, your life, bring you honor and glory. May your life be lived out in me. May your words be spoken through me, your actions brought to reality. May your will be done, in my life, as you have written it.

May I never be found proud, arrogant or ungrateful. May I never forget your undying, unfading love to me. May love abound, in, through and all around. Lord, cover me with your grace, shield me with your strength. Clothe me in your Righteousness, the light that chases darkness away.

Lord, I know your plans are to prosper me, to bring me peace and prosperity, a future and hope. The details are in your hands, and in this time, this place, I surrender to you.

You have placed me here, for such a time as this – that your glory may be known. Amen.


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