Practice Love

“No eye has ever seen and no ear has ever heard
    and it has never occurred to the human heart
All the things God prepared for those who love Him.

God has shown us these profound and startling realities through His Spirit. The Spirit searches all things, even the deep mysteries of God.”

Sometimes my idea of the cosmos seems so small. So insignificant compared to all that God is. Spending time in reflection makes remembering this a little more visible, but its really not about what I do, its about what the Spirit does.

I think that listening to God’s voice, flowing in the movement of His Spirit, is a cultivated practice – one that we will perfect until the coming of Christ. The key is recognizing our need for practice.

Practice comes with its own reward —

“Who can see into a man’s heart and know his thoughts? Only the spirit that dwells within the man. In the same way, the thoughts of God are known only by His Spirit. You must know that we have not received the spirit of this rebellious and broken world but the Spirit that comes from God, so that we may experience and comprehend the gifts that come from God.”

The experience and comprehension of the gifts that are lavished upon us as children of the Most High. Without God’s Spirit, we are mentally and spiritually blind, waiting for someone to guide us in the right direction. When we recognize and claim the Spirit of God, He reaches out to peel off the layers of filth we have covered our eyes with. Our past experience, and our current experience — opening us up to something new – a life of clarity, gratitude, and abundance.

We do not speak of these gifts of God in words shaped by human wisdom; we speak in words crafted by the Spirit because our collective judgment on spiritual matters is accessible to those who have the Spirit.”

The reality we experience when walking in the Spirit is immeasurable. It is unique and special for each person who chooses to enter in. There is no correct or incorrect, no extreme, no conflict – simply harmony. When we recognize the Spirit of the Living God in others, we see the perfection with which God is shaping them. We see the varied methods of refinement actively working within ourselves and in all of God’s children aswell. We cultivate appreciation for each view, opinion and conviction without judgement or criticism.

Through prayerful consideration, it may become clear that someone does not desire the Spirit of God. But we must never make judgement nor neglect the encouragement of any child of God within our reach.

But a person who denies spiritual realities will not accept the things that come through the Spirit of God; they all sound like foolishness to him. He is incapable of grasping them because they are disseminated, discerned, and valued by the Spirit. A person who walks by the Spirit examines everything, sizing it up and seeking out truth. But no one is able to examine or size up that kind of spiritual person, for the Scripture asks, “Does anyone know the mind of the Lord well enough to become His advisor?” But we do possess the mind of the Anointed One.”

Practice. When we allow God to shape the practice of our connecting with Him, the practice of inviting His Spirit in, we start to ask questions. We examine our beliefs and understanding, while recognizing that at any time, God can and will reveal something new to us.

What is practice without challenge?

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

We have already been given the Spirit that comes from God. And we have the wonderful opportunity to cultivate wisdom and aspire to perfection – using our influence to reach out in love. Practicing the principles that Jesus taught, in addition to speaking of them.

As a result, God will use you to come alongside your brother or sister, to uncover their eyes and bring them into the light.

Ultimate Freedom.

Ultimate Peace.

1 Corinthians 2:10-16

2 Timothy 1:7


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