“Meditation is a spiritual discipline.

An active surrender to inactivity,

to the presence of God;

prompted by the Holy Spirit,

In order that He may dwell in our inmost spaces,

as we begin to grow in the likeness of Christ.”


Moments of Meditation – Set a timer. 5, 10, 15 minutes. However long you like.

“This is the truth: unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. In that kingdom, the most humble who are most like this child are the greatest. And whoever welcomes a child, welcomes her in my name, welcomes Me.”

Its about hanging out with God. He speaks in so many different ways. We talk alot when we go into the act of “prayer”, and we rarely take moments to listen. Why don’t we take moments to listen? Maybe its because we are afraid of the term “meditate”, or maybe we are just “too busy”. God wants to spend many moments with Him. Not only at a certain time, but all throughout the moments of your life.

<<There is nothing wrong with thinking during this next period of space you are in, and remember: stay prayerful. Begin by asking God to fill you. To empty you. To bless your meditation and guide you.>>

By the way – you can choose any posture to meditate.

The thing to remember is to SSRS.

Sacrum – draw your tailbown down towards the earth

Shoulders – Draw your shoulders back, then relax

Ribs – Knit your ribs together firmly around your trunk

Skull – Slightly drawn back so that the ears and shoulders are stacked

Here are some postural options:

Sitting cross-legged on the floor

Sitting on a chair

Lying down with your legs up the wall


Choose a position and settle in.

You are ALIVE.

Breathe In.

Breathe Out.

Maybe close your eyes, maybe keep them open, just remember to keep them soft.

Just Be.

Just Breathe.

Start your timer.

After your meditation, Lie on your back for a few moments, and take it in.

Squeeze every muscle in your body, hold for a few seconds, then release.

Do it 3 times.

Whenever you decide to get up, rise with intention. Thank God for your moments with Him. Maybe you go about your day, maybe you read the written word.

Matthew 18:3-9


To learn more about SSRS and the postural options, watch these videos:

Coming Soon


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