A Realized Miracle

It is August 2nd.

I woke up this morning, and after having my tea, reading my Bible, stretching, breathing, meditating, and eating breakfast… I opened my laptop to check my emails.

I filled out a couple of reviews for products I have recently purchased, and noticed something called Amazon Prime Now. A $10 off coupon when I shopped on Prime Now looked attractive, so I went to look for something on the site. The first thing that caught my eye was printer ink. Exciting, I know. But a necessity at the very least.

I ran out of ink at the end of school this year, the beginning of the summer.

So I put an order of ink in my cart.


So apparently the order has to be $20 to use the $10 off coupon code.

As I was searching the site for something else I might buy, I couldn’t find anything else that I needed or wanted. So I decided to buy 2 sets of ink.

The ink will come later this afternoon.

Here’s the miracle:

I need ink today. I have multiple documents to print!

I’ve been putting it off because I hadn’t needed to print anything before now. It seemed like an expense I could avoid. But God in His merciful greatness, made a product that is usually $40, half that price. And then gave me a $10 coupon!

I paid $31.28 instead of $80 because my God is awesome and that other $50 obviously has another purpose.



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