I was looking for something to do.

So I asked God and He told me to go back to school.

He also told me to start helping out at the Faith Hope Love project.

He gave me a best friend.

He gave me the job at Zona Tea.

He made me a fake patient actress, a virtual Bible study leader, a devotional writer, a women’s ministry advocate, a college graduate, and a summer camp staff.

Maybe a little like Moses, and alot like David, I feel I’m better at writing than speaking.

I feel God has something for me to do in that area.

I want to write more. God gave me this gift and I am inspired to use it.

I don’t know all the details, as they are still unfolding. But know one thing – God has blessed me.

I choose His way. I choose to live here and now.

To be content.

To not expect to know, but to keep asking for guidance from the One who ordains my steps.

Will you walk in the thrilled faith towards the future with me?

The stories of the past are but few twinkles in a sky that sparkles



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