God In Us

Do you ever wonder what the Holy Spirit is?

The expansiveness of thought,

our minds beginning to explore.

We think God to be so practical,

and yet we neglect the simplicity of an idea –

shaped by the presence of God in us.

How does the mind work?

Science has yet to explain, the intricacy of impression,

the reality of GOD IN US.

Being close to God is not measureable, it is reliable.

He is always there.

In the whisper – the softest beating of the heart, the faintest breath.

He never wavers.

He never falters.

He is steady.

The mind is a powerful tool.

Do not abuse it.

Through it you may see into eternity.

Through it you may experience True LOVE.

If only you take the time,

time to be wrapped up in His presence.

Then time,

TIME will be of no resistance –

Floating through space, seeing this time – this place,

yearning for perfection,

chasing after you.

“Life has already begun” He says, “are you living in me?”


One response to “God In Us”

  1. beautiful & inspiring!!!
    ❤ ❤ ❤

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