Open Heart

I desire to be in step with Your timing,
in tune with Your call.
I want desperately to be transformed, holy –
to be known as Yours, one and only.
The path I walk may seem uncertain, but today I choose again to be,
wholly surrendered, bearing all on my knees.
Its where I see your face, now clearly.
Because I know you hold my heart so dearly.
Take not your Holy Spirit from me,
but impart an extra measure of Your grace, Lord, freely.
Grant me gifts enough for today,
and keep me grounded in your perfect way.
I don’t know what the future holds, but I know You hold the future –
intrinsically floating in the palm of your hand.
Father, mold me.
Hold me.
Grow me.
Help me walk along the narrow road,
balance me between safe and the great unknown.
Lead me further, deeper;
across mountains, valleys and seas.
But stay close, Dear Lord, close enough for me to see,
Your figure walking here beside me.
Outstretch Your arms that I may lean –
on You alone when I am weak.
Withhold not one good gift from me,
for your love is better than life.
Your joy sweeter than new wine.
My lips will sing your praise until the end of time,
each day a new song – all glory be thine.
Inspire me, O God with thought from on high,
and clothe me with righteousness that I may abide.
My one desire Lord, is to carry out Your will.
Live out Your life within me,
Your purpose to fulfill.

One response to “Open Heart”

  1. That Girl Over There Avatar
    That Girl Over There

    Beautiful! ❤

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