The Dream

I was standing next to my Jesus, in awe of His splendor and beauty. I felt a sense of urgency.

“I am coming soon,” He said, “and many will be sleeping. Daughter, I don’t want that to be you.”

He wrapped His arm around me and brought me to a forested place. “Here is where they will rise.”

“Who?” I asked.

“The dead who proclaimed me as their Lord and King, those who have lived lives worthy of my sacrifice, those who truly believed.”

I looked at the forested landscape, searching for a sign of familiarity. In the distance I saw many lights, flashing, dancing. I saw people at work, at play, with no feeling of the urgency of the times. No idea that the end is so near.

Then He said, “Go my child, go and tell every boy, every girl to prepare their lives, prepare their hearts.

Its time to come home.”


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