Break Funk

I suppose every day isnt meant to be a happy one, especially with so many variables to consider. Health, mental disposition, life events, current employment, time of year, weather… Waking up with expectations. And when they arent met, cowering back under the covers to sleep away the misery.

I suppose allowing time for this type of behavior is necessary, we all have miniature life crises. But what about reclaiming normality? Does life become the same as it was before or do we adjust to our changing circumstances? How do we find balance between pure bliss and deep depression?

I believe our day to day choices affect our overall well being. The small things, the seemingly insignificant decisions we make regarding music, tv, food, beverages, clothing, and how we spend the first few minutes of our days have a huge impact on us. They shape our personalities. Our choices become who we are.

What if we all spent a few extra moments today evaluating the choices we make?

How we choose to spend our free moments.

The things we put into our bodies.

What we think about.

Today I choose to reclaim my normality. To take back my happiness. Starting with the small things.


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