True Love

I have always had this desire to feel wanted, to be needed. The desire to be validated, to be told that I am beautiful, that I am special.

I wasted years searching this world for a love that lasts. Only to find that everything on this planet eventually dies, loses its luster, becomes boring and tasteless.

But this is not the case with Jesus.

His love is real.

His love lasts.

Long story short Im in love with this man named Jesus.

He completes me.

He validates me.

Here comes the interesting part.

God knows I have this innate desire to be desired. But God isnt the only one who knows. Satan knows it too. And he keeps sending cute boys my way to distract me. Its so annoying!

I just want Jesus, I dont want anyone else. And yet the devil is trying his best to appeal to my human desire for love.

Lets be real for a minute. I am human. I have human tendencies. Human desires.

But when I am honest with myself, when I allow truth to permeate my heart, my desires change.

I can honestly say I would rather be alone than be with someone who distracted me from the most meaningful relationship I have ever known. I would rather be alone than be with someone mediocre. I would rather be alone than settle for less than I deserve.

I believe with all my heart that God is preparing a man for me, just as He is preparing me for him. I believe that God knows exactly what Im looking for, exactly what ill like, He created me afterall. I know that something good is coming, and I dont want to be distracted and miss out.

You see, I am just so thankful for a God who gets it. Who understands, who can help.

Hebrews 2:18 says “Since He [Jesus] has also been tested by suffering, He can help us when we are tested.”

I am in love with a man who can help me. Who wants to help me. Who knows what Im dealing with! I am thankful because all I do is ask, and He paves the way for sin to be conquered, He delivers me out of the sticky situations.

Thank you Jesus for loving me.

For validating me.

For completing me.

For showing me what true love is really like.


One response to “True Love”

  1. That Girl Over There Avatar
    That Girl Over There

    Amen:) thanks for an awesome post!

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