Morning Ritual

There are a few things I do every morning to start my day.

1. Pray

This has to be first for me. Connecting to the source of life really grounds me for the day.

2. Hot tea

I love my tea. Something about herbs and plants make me feel alive.

3. Read

Filling my mind with truth, love and joy to share with others throughout my day.

4. Meditate

Allowing God to speak to me. To refresh, revitalize and rejuvenate my soul.

5. Clean

Splashes of cool water on my face to wake me up and wash the sleepy away.

6. Moisturize

The skin needs good hydration, giving it what it needs in the morning ensures that its protected all day long.

7. Breakfast

Getting good nutrients in at the beginning of the day sets me up for success.

I love mornings. Once I realized the treasures that are waiting to be found in the early hours of the day, I do my best to find them! There is logic behind the saying: Good Morning!

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