Practical Faith

So many times I find myself questioning things. Holding back from my full potential. Trusting in myself.

So many times I fall and cry out, thinking no one is there to help me up, wondering how long Ill be stuck on the ground.


See heres the thing, Ive seen God work in my life in the past. But like the Children of Israel, crying for water just a few days after being led through the Red Sea, I found myself doubting just a few days after God performed a miracle in my life.

The key Ive found to unlocking practical faith is prayer.

Ill be honest, some days I wake up and don’t feel well. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Reading my Bible becomes a chore, and often times on these days I skip that part of my day.

But I can never skip prayer.

There is something so powerful about prayer; about talking to my best friend, my Creator, that in any circumstance, on any day, brings me peace. Prayer turns a bad day upside down.

Praying through the difficult days keeps my lifeline strong. I don’t feel disconnected when I can finally pick up my Bible again. Prayer is a vital part of practical faith because it keeps us alive, focused. Centered on the One who can heal us.

I can tell you from personal experience, as recent as yesterday, that God is alive. He is working. He shows up when we ask, and as long as we keep coming back, nothing can stop us from moving mountains. In a more practical sense, nothing can keep us from knowing the will of God, and following it step by step.

Paul hit this point spot on:

“I have no regrets. I couldn’t be more sure of my ground – the One Ive trusted in can take care of what He’s trusted me to do right to the end.”

2 Timothy 1:12


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