Earnest Heart

The voice of the Holy Spirit.
Can you hear it?
Scripture says it’s a gift from God,
Enlightenment for those who ask.
Knowledge for the simple.
Inspiration for the wise.
He speaks and those who listen are blessed with this Guide.
The God who loves, the God who cares, has a voice only the silent can hear.
Those seeking,
those watching,
the ones searching for His command:
These are they who see God’s hand.

Through beauty in nature,
Through reading The Word.
By daily conversation,
His voice will be heard.
Pray without ceasing,
Make His likeness your goal,
The promise is blessing,
And food for your soul.

The voice of the Holy Spirit.
Do you want it?
Like thirsting for water in a dry dry land.
Refreshment for the weary.
Courage for the strong.
Those who believe in His power can never go wrong.
My God is great, And through my words I cannot explain all the wonders He’s done for me.
But for you I pray,
That by your belief,
And earnest seeking of His face:
You also may be a partaker of His grace.

By giving Him your heart,
And surrendering your will;
Through allowing His love
To come in and fill,
Your life will be changed,
And you will soon see:
This life loving Jesus
Is where you are free.


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